Life at the University (1949-1959)

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1949-1959 VVE

Dr. Polinszky Károly
Dr. Polinszky Károly
(1949 - 1950)
(1951 - 1952)
Dr. Bereczky Endre
(1952 - 1953)
Dr. Nemecz Ernő
(1953 - 1954)
Dr. Polinszky Károly
Dean, Rector
(1954 - 1963)

The management of the University (1949-1959)

Polinszky Károly - alapító

The Founder - Polinszky Károly


The first name of the University


Az első évnyitó

The opening ceremony of the first academic year


Az első tanulmányi épület

The first building of the University (Building A)


Az első előadás

The first lecture


Az első diplomaátvétel - Blickle Tibor

The first graduation ceremony on full-time course


The first car of the University


Az E épület 1952-ben

Building E (1952)


Construction work on Building C (1953)


Construction work on Building B (1953-1959)


New name on the forefront of Building A (after 1951)


Building A decorated for the 5-year jubilee


The 20 items - 1956


The 10-year jubilee ceremony


The exhibition of the 10-year jubilee


The cover of the first issue of Kémcsőkefe


The changing of the number of the students on full-time course (1949-1959)

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